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01-20-2012, 01:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Stickmata View Post
Every pair of skates I've ever worn has hurt my feet. Baked, unbaked, Superfeet, no Superfeet, adjusted, punched, custom fit. Still pain. Yet some of my buddies can put on any skate they want and no pain at all. Some of us have funky feet and we just have to learn to deal with the pain if we want to play hockey.

Every time I go on the ice, I have to read my skates after about 3 minutes warming up and decide whether its a night that I can go tight or need to keep them loose. This process has taught me too lessons. First, being pain free has a much bigger impact on my skating than having my skates locked down. I skate and play much better on pain free loose skates than I do painful, locked down skates. Pain not only affects my footwork, it distracts me enough to affect my play. Second, the looser your skates are, the more it forces you to use proper body position. If I keep a deep knee bend and roll my ankles properly, I can skate well with some pretty damn loose skates. I find that I just have to find that point where my skates are just tight enough to be responsive, but give me the least pain.
I was like this my entire life until 2 weeks ago.

GRAF G3 11' in a narrow. Baked once, skated in 5 times now. Zero pain. I still can't believe it. I guess if a skate really fits you well, no pain is a possibility.

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