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01-20-2012, 02:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Wetcoaster View Post
Ballard may fit a less structured defensive system where he can cover on on one. As Andrew Alberts pointed out when he came over the Canucks system is much more complex and takes time to learn as he was used to more man on man coverage. It seems Ballard's hockey IQ is just not that high and he seems incapable of playing within the Canucks system.

The offensive system breakouts are also complex and Ballard seems to be at his best when he is allowed to freelance but that just does not fit in the Canucks systems either.

All in all for the Canucks Ballard seems to be trying to fit an expensive square peg in a round hole.
I couldent agree with you more, this is how I see it. Ballard is a good player, easily a top four on many teams but he isnt a flexible player and he is clearly unable to adapt his game. Certainly that is a big downside for him as a player for any successful well structured team, but there are plenty of teams that arent well structured and can give him that flexibility he needs as a player. AV on the other hand keeps thinking that if he puts enough pressure on Ballard that he will change his game and adapt, it worked with most players, but unfortunately Ballard simply isnt capable of doing that.

Its clear he is a good player but he needs to be on a team with a lax and flexible system, and if he is he will be as good of player as he always has been. He simply doesnt fit this team and is a player that cant adapt.

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