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Originally Posted by Ron View Post
That's the problem.

Some games are worth 2 points, and some are worth 3. It's pure bull ****. I hate this system, because as you said, the standings are always a lot tighter than what should be the case. And everyone at the end of the season (say the last 20 games or so) are always playing for at least one point...the number of three-point games in the last couple months of the season go way up and its much harder to gain ground unless you become part of the making sure you also get at least one point per night.

Lately though, it seems every WC game ends up with 3 points.

We should go back to 2 point games, period. **** the shootout, get rid of it.
The best option would be to eliminate two points from each OT game. OT winner gets a single point. Loser gets nothing.

Originally Posted by KINGS17 View Post
Sorry, I can't agree. People can call it the "loser point", but it is actually a bonus point that is going to the team that wins in OT or the shootout.
The loser of the game gets a point. That's why it's called a loser point. The loser of a game shouldn't get any reward for losing.

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