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01-20-2012, 03:34 AM
S Bah
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The Habs are in full trade mode or sure look like it to me for months.Cammalleri and the Smurf Show has to go.Bourque is at least a player that the Flyers and Bruins won't be hanging over the boards laughing at. Our team before a playoff series gets started again needs to have the type of player Gauthier has drafted and traded for since being GM.Halak may have been playing phenomenal hockey that year but when I seen the Flyers laughing at the Habs my stomach got knots in it.Pierre obviously felt the same way,at the draft he traded his 2nd to make sure he got Tinordi.Since then the team has slowly gained power forwards,Eller is huge compared to the centers we've had. He also signed Emelin and has changed the Habs defence went with the rookies,he's actually taken the team shook out the glitter and brought back a team with backbone and talent.By the time the next Draft and UFA deadline passes the Habs are going to resemble a team with lots of good pieces and prospects galore.I'm hoping he gets the rights to Radulov,the way Gauthier makes decisive moves that won't shock me.Getting into the playoffs this season would kill the team for the next year,so let's get the party started,trade away.

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