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01-20-2012, 08:58 AM
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Originally Posted by silverfish View Post
One of my main arguments with this team, is that as currently constructed it's not as skilled as it could be. Essentially, Torts turned it into a team with his decisions of who stays and who goes, we're looking at a Rangers roster with what used to be 1A/1B and 2 4th lines, now with a 1A line a below par 2nd line (with Prust there) and two fourth lines.

Prust playing with Richards is a joke. Want to get Richards out of his funk? Get Prust off his line. I've been saying all season that Boyle and Prust were playing over their heads in this lineup and now the theme appears to have caught on here at HF.

The thing is, even if Zuccarello wasn't hurt I'm sure he wouldn't be seeing a call up any time soon, which is a tragedy.

AS CURRENTLY CONSTRUCTED, the lines should be...

Hagelin - Stepan - Gaborik
Dubinsky - Richards - Callahan
Rupp/Mitchell - Anisimov - Fedotenko
Prust - Boyle - Mitchell/Rupp

Want Richards to bust out of his funk? Give him two linemates that will work their ***** off every shift.

Been sick of Boyle on the PP since day 1. Been sick of Prust + Boyle getting third line minutes since day 1.

It's obvious though that Torts has a love affair with Prust, asking him to fight less. I know I brought it up before but Pruster had the opportunity to get Paul Martin off the ice for 5 minutes last night and didn't drop 'em. That's something that Avery understood that Prust hasn't seemed to have grasped yet. Take a better guy off the ice with you.

Couple of things:

1) I don't see Zuccarello not being here as a real issue. He's hardly a given or known entity.

2) Even with the lines you draw up, they issue is the same as it is now their not getting enough production for their top skill guys most notably Richards, Dubinksy and Anisimov (where has he been and doesn't it feel like his days are numbered?)

3) If they can get even a serviceable PP a lot of the flaws would be better concealed.

4) There are two sides of playing the style the Rangers do:

Hard work can beat talent.


It takes a lot of out of the team playing the way they do.

They need their talent to pick up the scoring because I have to wonder if this team can sustain playing this way for another half a season. For that matter, if you play the way the Rangers do, you need to put points on the board with the man advantage.

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