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01-20-2012, 09:00 AM
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Originally Posted by ilovehalgill View Post
When you pay a ticket for a crappy seat over a 100 $, your beer 10 $, then you have to watch such pitiful performances, no wonder this happens. I don't really blame those people if i look at the ''money'' aspect of it. People are just not getting their money's worth. To me though it's different. I never miss a game, and if i do it's because i'm working. So far iv'e missed 4 games this season and it's been games that are on wednesday's, friday's,etc.. Hypothetically, real fans never stop caring. I don't condone it, i understand why they would though.
It's very understandable, and you are spot on with your comments...when they first moved into the Bell they went through a tough time, and they drew 17-18 thousand, not 21,273 night after night, and the fans use the supply and demand theory at that point.

This is why the Habs, like the Leafs cannot tank, rebuild, re-tool whatever,, but can't can't charge the fans an insane amount of money and provide mediocre efforts, on and off the ice...

Personally, we don't need to tank, but we do need some tweaking, and there could be a another so called core player leaving ( besides Cammy already )

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