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Originally Posted by SupersonicMonkey View Post
Leetch's hockey IQ was and still is elite. And by elite I mean among the greats.

Id doesn't matter that Park was more "physical" Leetch did every little thing with pride. His fundamentals were flawless. His positioning and stick work was perfect. He could throw a hip check better than anyone. And he could flat out dominate and control a game. Teams had to create game plans around him, as if he were a forward.

No its not all about points, but at some point they matter. Especially when a DEFENSEMAN puts up well over 1000 points including over 100 in a season.

I've heard many arguments about greatest defensemen of all time on NHL Home Ice. Including Esposito who played against Park. And Espo said Leetch is arguably the best ever. And he's not the only one.

There's a reason Leetch is legendary and Park isn't.

I don't need to hear "you didn't live his career." Arguments. I wasn't alive in the 20s either, and I know who was and wasn't great in that era.

Can't compare eras, that's fine, but consider Leetch racked up his points and dominated as a two way defenseman in a dead puck era. Leetch had to face some of the best goaltenders in history on a regular basis, as well as an era that included some of the greatest players in history, and he still dominated.

He did it longer, he did it with two destroyed ankles. No bad knee excuse for this player. He played through it.

He dominated the playoffs.

He could beat a team with his speed, his hands, his head, and his defensive play. And he did it with respect for his opponent and class at all times.

Park above Leetch? No. Park was great, Leetch was a legend. There's a difference.
You have a Brian Leetch avatar. It's fair to question your objectivity on the matter. In the first half of the 70s Park was the best defenseman in the world outside of Bobby Orr (runner up to Orr in the Norris voting four times, plus twice to Potvin). Leetch means more to the Rangers, but if you go to the history of hockey board and pit Leetch against Park, Park will win overwhelmingly. Park was a legend as you put it, it's just unfortunate that he split his career between the Rangers and Bruins thanks to the worst trade in Rangers history. By all accounts, Park never reached the offensive heights of Leetch, but he had more elite seasons than Leetch and was better defensively. Plus, Park was no slouch offensively. Park averaged .805 ppg over his career. Leetch averaged .853 ppg for his.

As for the judgment of Esposito, given how he hated coming here, spent the whole time whining, and presided over an almost completely irrelevant era of Rangers history as GM, his opinion means less than nothing.

Originally Posted by The Lone Ranger View Post
Worsley is an all-time great, enshrined in the HOF. Kerr is not.

As far as having a romanticized view of the past,.... Mike Richter has a banner. Yet, if Richter and the Rangers came out on the losing end of game 7 in the '94 SCF,.... does he still get his number retired? I think the answer to that question is fairly obvious.

I was a big Richter fan too, back in the day. But that doesn't blind me to the fact that if one magnificent season ('93-94) didn't happen, then Mike does not catapult past Worsley, or even John Vanbiesbrouck, in most fans' pecking order of Ranger goalie greats.
But Richter did win the cup so he has a banner. Do you honestly think Graves has a banner if they lose game 7? Kerr won a cup. Rayner is a Hall of Famer who won a Hart during a year the Rangers went to game 7 of the finals. Neither have banners. Worsley isn't getting a banner. Honestly, by this point it has been so long and there are so many guys this franchise has forgotten (ie the Bread Line, Hextall), why on Earth is Worsley the one you feel the need to single out?

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