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01-20-2012, 10:36 AM
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well you can say exactly same about any other player,
we'll see in the end of season how he does, yet you see ppl saying i want this and that guy resign, while we talk about Jagr " we ll see how he turns out in the finish"

yes he is nearly 40 years old but i think you could see how he plays in those 40 games and as i already said his condition is better than most players in the team i would bet my shoes on this.
And again as i said only question is his groin, so if you would say we ll see if he remains healthy and then re sign, i would be ok with that, as its sad fact.

But saying we ll see how he play?. whats that kind of question, its not like he gonna lose something of Jagr ..

yes he is kinda on cold streek but again so is G, and you can't say its because of Jagr

and if you ask me, i still put Jagr way infront of voracek, Jake does well, but he is still just a shade of what Jagrr can do

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