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01-20-2012, 10:08 AM
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Originally Posted by Carey Price View Post
How did we "get nothing out of it" when we got bigger/cheaper/non pouting/more productive player in Bourque PLUS a prospect and a pick. That helps the future with a 2nd in a deep draft, a prospect that is ripping up the WHL plus 2.7 mil in cap room to play with in the summer.
Make no mistake, this was a trade of two mature players, the prospects and picks were not the main focus here and were enitrely secondary. We got a 2nd out of it? Whoop ditty doo. I'd be happy with that if we dealt away a spare part like Hal Gill. Cammy was our best scorer and we traded him for another guy who's 30 years old. The 2nd isn't likely to become an NHL player let alone an impact one and the prospect is borderline NHL quality.

That's not a good return on an asset that should've been used to help rebuild this club.
Originally Posted by Carey Price View Post
We have guys like Gill Campoli Moen AK with expriring contracts that we can move, plus we already have 7-8 young guys playing regular minutes(Price Emelin Diaz Weber Eller Pacioretty Subban DD) on most nights. You make it sound like we are the Calgary Flames.
But we haven't been SELLING, we've been BUYING. And it's not improving the team. How can you not see this? Are you that freakin' blind? Wake up man.

The club continues to go out and go after guys like Kaberle... WHY? Seriously man. WTH is that guy going to do for us in terms of making us cup contenders? He does absolutely nothing from that perspective. Maybe he helps us in the short term to get 8th place but it's another band-aid fix. That's how we keep continuing to build our team and it's why we are where we are.

That's why people are frustrated and that was my point. We keep trying to move up with quick fix moves but it hasn't worked. The worst part is that we haven't really improved our future. We shouldn't be trading for Rene Bourque, we should be trading for GOOD prospects. At least then sinking in the standings would be more tolerable.
Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
What's wrong with that possibility exactly?
It's a decent-good asset. Even if we trade it, there's nothing wrong with that so long that the trade is good. Can't really judge a trade that never happened and may never happen now can we?
What's wrong with it is that we never should've traded away Cammy for Bourque and a 2nd in the first place. We should've been looking for a 1st. And if clubs weren't willing to trade away something decent, then we just should've held onto him. We traded away the better player... and got a 30 year old in return. It makes no sense in the context of where we stand today.

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