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01-20-2012, 10:19 AM
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Originally Posted by JXC View Post
The most likely notable occurrence over the next 30 games is that the team's high performing rookies hit their respective walls, as rookies are wont to do, and the Flyers suffer dire consequences as a result. Add in Jagr's age and the wear and tear on Timonen and the prospective picture for March and April is not a lovely one.

More importantly, if one believes the aforementioned player performance degradation to be likely, then one cannot believe that trading significant futures for a blueliner will result in anything more than an extra game or two won in the early rounds.

So I agree Dats, patience is a virtue here.

And DFF it ain't "suddenly", it's a gradual process wherein rookies wear down and older player do the same.
I agree the rookies will likely hit a wall. Jagr and Timonen wearing down, I'm not so sure of, but that is obviously a huge possibility. You also have to factor in that some of the guys that have not exactly been lighting it up could also turn it around and pick up the slack dropped by the rookies. Not to mention the possibility of a trade(s) for a D-man and a forward. Whether they bet the farm on a big name or trade picks and prospects for a rental(s), adding a new D-man and winger to this team could really make a difference. It is unlikely they go out and get Weber or Suter PLUS a winger, but I could see a deal bringing in players like Gleason and Rutuu from Carolina, which would be a great help to this team now and down the stretch. Either way, this season is far from over and the team is from not competing consistently. Rough patch, yes. In trouble, no.

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