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01-20-2012, 10:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Cruel11 View Post
That second line needs a shake up. Stoll sucks and Penner plays like he's 5'8.
Man this board is so typical. Penner just came off his best game as a King against Vancouver and earned a lot of praise. Then he has this game, which IMO wasn't terrible, and people want him run out of town. Run him out for his play since he's been a King, sure, but not for this one game. I swear half this board is bi-polar.

Originally Posted by KopitarFAN View Post
For getting at least a point pretty much every night people sure complain a lot.
100% agreed. For those who natter on and on that "we aren't 8-1-6, we are 8-7" who cares? We are 8-1-6 under the current point system. When the playoffs come, then we can talk about the issue of OT/SO losses.

Originally Posted by Grillinnap View Post
8-1-6 under Sutter

Is that really considered a great record? That's basically an 8-7 record. Mediocre.

But hey, thank God for hockey's point system.
Yep, thank God for the system that has us with the best winning percentage in the entire league since Sutter came on baord.

Originally Posted by DocWest View Post
In the game, he's amazing. In shootouts, not so much.
Good, since we don't have shootouts in the playoffs huh?

Originally Posted by HansH View Post
that many OT and SO losses really doesn't bode well for the playoffs, in all honesty -- especially when the teams the Kings are chasing manage to keep acquiring points at a faster pace than the Kings do. So, yes, I refuse to condemn people for complaining, or to apologize for any complaints I may have. I refuse to be bullied into not expressing my opinion by people who themselves complain just as much, but about other posters instead of the team.
No one is complaining about you, or bullying you. Chill out. They just have a different belief than you, which is fine.

As for the comment about other teams "acquiring points faster than the Kings," BS. We have the best winning percentage in NHL if we would have played the whole season under Sutter. I don't like going to OT/SO as often as we are either, but I'll gladly take this record at this point given how dire the playoffs were looking when Darryl came into the picture.

Originally Posted by KingKopitar11 View Post
Honestly Penner is too slow and lazy to be on this team and on second line. Gotta get him out of here. I dont care if his games been decent of LATE, he needs to be gone with stoll. Penner is just so noncompetitive. get penner and stoll out.
To slow, lazy, sucks, blah blah blah. A game ago most were praising him, now he's dog ****. It's amazing how this board gets when we lose, it's beyond predictable. Two other Kings had great scoring chances late too, but no one can ention those guys, just Penner. Only one Kings scored a goal all night, and none scored in the final 61 minutes (counting overtime) but yeah,. Penner sucks. Spread the blame around. Almost everyone but Quick deserves the blame for this loss.

Originally Posted by HansH View Post
Ok, then how's 3-4 (and ten no-decisions) in OT then?
I'm fine with it, especially considering the fact we have no idea how those 10 no-decisions would have played out. The Kings are used to playing tight-checking, low scoring hockey. If that's who it'll be in the playoffs, I'll take my chacnes with this team for sure. Obviously the run and gun playoffs we've had the past two years didn't work out to well did they?

Originally Posted by HansH View Post
Absolutely get rid of the shootout.

My proposal, for years, has been to extend OT to 10 minutes (five on five, none of this gimmick @#$@), and ditch the shootout... but go with soccer's point system. THREE points for a win (regulation or OT), ZERO points for a loss (regulation or OT), and ONE point each for a tie.

That still preserves an incentive to try to win in OT -- even if you lose more than you win in OT, you're still ahead of the points you'd get for settling for a tie... unless you lose more than two-thirds of the time in OT.

Make it happen, NHL.
I agree, get rid of the shootout. Never wanted it to begin with. What sport plays a team game for 65 minutes, then lets individuals win the game? It'd be like the NFL having a time game so they allow the field goal kickers to keep kicking field goals until one missed.

I'd rather see the NHL go with a 15 minute overtime and see who wins. If it's still tied after 15 more minutes, then call it a draw. Water the ice if you have to midway through, just go simple and allow the teams to continue play until they score.

Originally Posted by tigermask48 View Post
Guess what also might not be in the playoffs at this rate? The Kings...

These loser points they are getting are also giving points to other teams that are chasing them and that's bound to catch up to them sooner or later.
As I said above, we are winning at a.733 pace under Sutter. If even one team catches us at that pace, nevermind two, all the power to them. They clearly deserved it.

Originally Posted by Capn Brown View Post
Poni's the guy & it'll only likely cost us a 3rd round pick & Moller.
We got rid of him because the guy basically he sucked and had no support from even the fan base, and now he's the answer to our woes? He has 15 points in 48 games and sucked here last year under nearly the same coaching system. He's not the solution.

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