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01-20-2012, 10:51 AM
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Haven't read the thread so this may have all be said before...

1. Get private lessons from someone who teaches hockey skating. Making sure you are doing things right from the start and not building bad habits is more important than just getting ice time.

2. Give it time for your body to adjust to this alien world of being on skates. Expect soreness as you use new muscles and expect it to take some time to build muscle memory. It won't take long and before you know it you will see improvement. Don't get discouraged in the meantime.

3. Use your time on the ice wisely. Don't waste time messing around with your buddies yet, work on your skating, even if that means alone.

4. Disregard any and all a-holes that say anything negative to you on the ice, unless it relates to you creating a safety hazard. Anyone who doesn't want to help a beginner get better at this game is a loser that doesn't warrant your concern. Anyone who has the guts to lace up skates and try deserves respect and assistance, not scorn. At an open skate and shoot, try to find quiet areas of the ice to practice and stay away from the front of the net and behind the net.

Oh and bend your knees. A lot. Don't hunch, bend. Like sitting on the edge of a chair.

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