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Originally Posted by HabsHockey View Post
What are you talking about? I said I hope the bandwagon fans that are on the waiting list drop off and I might get mine sooner. What does LeBlanc have to do with anything?
I just took a look at the waiting list, it really isn't that long
will be interesting to see the offseason ,if Habs go back to pre 2004

Category Price per seat
2011-12 season # of people
waiting as of January 6, 2012

Red C - Half Season (23 games) $2,242 2,319 people
Club Desjardins B - Half Season (23 games) $3,191 1,522 people
Club Desjardins B - Full Season (46 games) $5,759 1,369 people
White - Half Season (23 games) $1,380 2,555 people
Grey - Half Season (23 games)$995 2,186 people

*Price before taxes.

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