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01-20-2012, 11:20 AM
Change is good.
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Originally Posted by Trxjw View Post
St. Croix has some obstacles to overcome, but the kid is sublimely skilled. I'll go ahead and say it; He could very well be the most skilled prospect in our system right now. He has the total package offensively. Shooting, passing, hockey IQ, creativity. All of it. He needs to work on certain areas of his game, and while I understand the "stats don't mean everything" mentality, that doesn't mean I'd lump him in with guys like Nigel Dawes either.

Dawes was a very skilled player, but he relied solely upon his skill to get by, and not his hockey sense. He never changed the way he played in order for him to become a viable NHLer. MSC, on the other hand, is already implementing those changes in his game. He's stronger on the puck, going to the dirty areas to score, and, IMO, there is a night and day difference between his ability to play in traffic currently, and where he was this time last year. He's also improving his game considerably away from the puck. The difference with him and Nigel Dawes is that he has the mental strength and character that will allow him to adapt to new levels of play. Dawes never had that.
That's a pretty strong endorsement, Trjxw - and speaks to a more detailed familiarity with the player. Have you been watching his games? Talking to scouts? Not challenging you, but rather genuinely looking forward to hearing more.

(By the way, as one of the posters who is limited to small glimpses from YouTube highlights, I will say that I noticed that all 3 of his goals the other night were scored from right at the doorstep, rather than deking around hopelessly overmatched 16 year olds. And while the latter are prettier, the former are more indicative of the maturing, high IQ game you referenced.)

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