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01-20-2012, 11:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Phozzwald View Post
Your obviously losing your mind if you think Montreal would be stupid enough to trade Eller plus a 1st or Leblanc for Roy. I wouldn't trade Eller for Roy straight up.
Well I feel bad for the future of your team then. All of Roys career averages > Plekanecs averages

So I guess in trade value Eller>Roy>Plekanec?

Sorry bud, Ellers not that impressive... At Ellers age (22) Roy had a 2.5 PPG average in the AHL and scored 18-28-46 in only 70 gp while the last 2 seasons Eller has 34 points in 120 games so yes please keep Eller, I wouldn't trade Roy straight up for Eller even if Roy was an upcoming UFA (which he's not btw, so keep Eller)

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