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Originally Posted by CarlWinslow View Post
You may end up being right depending on where the Habs pick lands but even if it ended up being #20, I'd rather have that than Eller. That's all I'm saying. That I've never understood the Eller hype.
In your position, I'd MUCH rather Roy than a 20th pick, no question about it. I'm not the biggest Eller fanboy but hype aside he's got potential. If he improves again he could easily be a 40 point center as soon as next year. The question is if he peaks at 40 points or does he hit 50 or 60. I don't see Roy numbers in his future but I wouldn't dismiss 50-55 points a year, but I see more of a 40 point 3rd line guy like a weaker Jordan Staal.

Originally Posted by DixonWard15 View Post
well Pegula basically paid $3 million (kotalik's salary) for a 2nd round pick, Gomez is 7.5 million, 5.5 then 4.5 for the next three years...I wonder how many picks that is worth
A couple firsts at least

Originally Posted by Jagemon View Post
The "core" is not cutting it and retooling is needed. Roy is one of the most valuable assets and despite the fact that he usually produces, Sabres need to move on.

Besides, it's not just Roy who would be shipped out. That includes Boyes, Stafford and few others as well.
As others have pointed out, habs and sabres are very similar. Talented guys but lacking a Getzlaf type forward(like a lot of teams mind you). I think if you're willing to give up Stafford and Roy, you could make a case for Bobby Ryan. A guy I feel would tear the league up with Vanek. Only problem is the hole at center after.

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