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01-20-2012, 12:54 PM
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My Poile plan- were I Poile (and I think this would work):

1. Tell Suter that we will land Parise now or in the offseason if he signs a 7 yer/$7M contract NOW. Be specific on what we are willing to give or give up for ZP as follows

2. Offer Lou ANY package that doesn't involve Suter Weber Rinne. Sure there have to be some parameters at the end of the day but any package of prospects, picks and players is on the table. Why? We are trading for Parise the rental, a shot a Parise the long term signed player AND 7 years of Ryan Suter. What is that worth? ANYTHING. My offer: Lindback, either Wilson or Smith, any one of Josi/Blum/Ellis, any forward prospect we have that hasn't played a game for us, and a 1st and 2nd. Seriously.

3. If Lou won't budge, Suter should know the specifics of an offer to Parise that will be coming as a UFA. I'd say 7 years/$8M per year. Or 6 and 9. Whatever puts a smile on Suter's face and ink on the paper. Why? Because it gets Suter to sign and may land you either or both of Weber and Parise. That is worth a lot. This is a trade for a signed Ryan Suter++.

Frankly, if you get Suter and Parise, you can always trade Weber if you can't deal with him. That would net plenty and would leave us a beautiful core to build around.

If the offer to do bold steps #2 and #3 don't entice Suter to sign, trade him now because we need the parts he can bring back. 48 hours to decide.

If we are trading Suter, offer Shea a 7 year $9M contract. If he won't sign, trade him NOW.

This team is in the right spot to parlay assets into a deep, strong contender by signing or trading. Big bold steps are necessary to do it- either by going for it now or by getting huge returns now.

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