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Originally Posted by Kjell Dahlin View Post
You wrote: "Of course, you've conveniently left out all the draft picks shipped out on rentals of players (some of whom could/should have been kept on the team - earned their spots for sure, but that's another tangent) "gearing up for playoffs", youth thrown away as throw ins/peanuts, etc..."

Wisniewski for a 2nd round pick was a solid trade for us. Do you have other examples of "... all the draft picks shipped out on rentals of players.." and/or "... youth thrown away as throw ins/peanuts..."?
There are plenty on this page, if you need specifics. S.Kost shipped out of town for a few games of Boyd (and none from Ellis). 2nd rounder on Moore. There are plenty more (there's a whole thread on PG's moves to date... surely you've seen it), and they've been expanded on and listed numerous times, so don't pretend you're not aware of them when you obviously cherry pick the ones you want to highlight in order to make things look not so bad.

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