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Originally Posted by Kjell Dahlin View Post
You wrote: "Of course, you've conveniently left out all the draft picks shipped out on rentals of players (some of whom could/should have been kept on the team - earned their spots for sure, but that's another tangent) "gearing up for playoffs", youth thrown away as throw ins/peanuts, etc..."

Wisniewski for a 2nd round pick was a solid trade for us. Do you have other examples of "... all the draft picks shipped out on rentals of players.." and/or "... youth thrown away as throw ins/peanuts..."?
they sunk over 40 million and two 2nd rounders and a 3rd into Markov in last few years...

I mean i like Markov, but what could have two 2nd rounders a 3rd and 40 million bought us in the UFA market to replace him?

Mistake of huge proportions.

Second how do you sink near 2 million into a guy (Campoli) to have him scratched ?

Gave up a second for Wiz
Gave up a 2nd and 3rd for Matt Schneider
Gave up 1st round selection in 2008 and a 2nd round selection in 2009 for Alex Tanguay

Gave up Ryan McDonagh(12th over all) for Gomez
Gave up Sergei K for ZERO
Gave up Saku for ZERO
Gave up RIBS for ZERO
Gave up Grabovski for a 2nd rounder.
Gave up a 2nd round pick in 2010 for Robert Lang

THAT is the FARM they gave up./.

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