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01-20-2012, 01:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Andy View Post
No you didn't use those terms but what else can be inferred from the following?

What youth "thrown away" for "quick fixes" would be the difference between being a bubble team and a cup contender?

Also if we're going to play the guilt by association thing between Gainey and Gauthier, then using your logic, I don't think it will be bad to have Gauthier here as a seller, since the only selling move the habs ever made ended up being Gorges and a 1st(pacioretty) for Rivet. That is of course using your logic.
What can be "inferred"? That return wasn't maximized on youth that was allowed to leave the system, the veterans brought in to right the ship ultimately failed to move the team forward overall, and the team lost a lot of assets building the team into its current form. It's not "mortgaging the future" as much as making lots of moves designed to impact the present at the expense of the future that ultimately failed.

And there's no "playing" guilt by association. I think it's well established that these guys are so intrinsically linked that one cannot escape the other when sharing any "blame". GM Gainey steps down when assistant GM PG steps up, and yet Gainey remains an advisor. That's all you have to know about that situation anyway, but we know even more specifics than that, so stop making it sound like a game people are playing.

And apparently you haven't followed my "logic" at all, if you're talking about anything I've said as hinting towards whether PG being a seller would automatically be a good thing or a bad thing. There are deals that make sense, and deals that don't, and I evaluate them on a case-by-case basis, not just what was done and who did it. Dealing the 2nd for Moore would have made sense if he was kept on for another year. And in fact, we know that he remains an impact bottom 6 player (playoffs, too) at a reasonable price to this day, and we lack solid NHL level 2-way play with offensive possibilities in our bottom 6, so if that happened and worked out I'd probably be giving PG his due praise. That's just one example, not necessarily one that needs particular dwelling on.

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