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01-20-2012, 02:03 PM
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Are we headed toward A Bad Goodbye?

This discussion has been awesome. It appears we've established the following (these are generalizations, understanding 100% of you will not agree but most will):

· We want to receive a rose from Ryan

· The rose is a signed long term contract with the Preds

· The rose will be expensive but we're willing to pay it

· We're the hometown girl Ryan has been going steady with for many years and loves dearly. We're cute and devoted to his success. It's a perfect recipe for a long term, happily ever after ending.

· But truth be known, Ryan can “do better” as defined by the hockey world’s pecking order class standards. He’s got it all goin’ and can have any girl (city) in the room. Ryan can become high profile, with more endorsements, maybe even a Reality show. There are no limits.

· So it comes down to Ryan. If he gives us the rose, he’s adored and set for life in the small town of Smashville. The proverbial big fish in the small smashpond.

· If he trades up, (which we’ve all confirmed he has every right to do), the hockey world will reward him with praise, notoriety, and confirmation of his choice. His newly selected smokin’ hot Super Model partner will make him the envy of his hockey buds. The boy from Wisconsin finally makes it big on the Big Stage.

· But beware Ryan: As the famous saying goes – “No matter how good looking she is, there’s a guy out there who’s tired of putting up with her sh*t”.

· So the next scene in this drama goes as follows: The abundant patience of his hometown girl reaches a fork in the road. She’s asked him politely to make up his mind. He’s been putting her off like Meat Loaf in “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” by saying, “let me sleep on it, baby baby, let me sleep on it”.

· As each day passes with no answer, she fears no response means he’s struggling with the decision. How could he be struggling? This is “us” we’re talking about.

· It’s time she (we) morph into Goose’s wife, Meg Ryan, in Top Gun - Meg: “Hey Goose, ya Big Studdddddd.” / Goose: (playing Great Balls of Fire on the piano) “That’s me, Honey”. / Meg: “ Take me to bed or lose me forever!” / Goose: “Show me the way, Baby”

· But wait, what if he’s already decided to break it off but can’t bring himself to say goodbye. Has Ryan become Clint Black to our Wynonna. Say it ain’t …… “A Bad Goodbye” …

I've been bound to leave you
We've known that for awhile
I'm sure it's something I can't do
If I can't leave you with a smile

I don't know how far I'll have to go
Till I'm sure those eyes won't cry
And in my mind I've left enough
to know that I can't
Leave you with a bad goodbye

Goodbye, easier said than done
Goodbye, there's no good when you're the one
Whose goodbye you swore would never come
And in my goodbye you're finding none

· She deserves the truth, Ryan. Man up. Who you gonna be, Clint or Goose? If you’re Clint, let her go so she can find “A Better Man”. If you’re Goose, sign the dang contract so you can “Turn and Burn” with Maverick (Shea) for the next 7 years.!

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