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01-20-2012, 03:07 PM
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Trash Talking in Mens/Beer Leagues

What are your opinions on Trash talking in games?




What kind of things do you hear on the ice?

do you laugh?

do you cringe?

In our league(s) there is alot of trashtalking, i thought it was go down as we got older but it doesnt, alot of the time i think its funny. its usually about timing, i dont care for the swearing at player over and over from the bench, to me that is excessive. but sometimes its funny ex. last game the other team had a player get his 4th penalty (4 penalties and you are ejected). as the ref was kicking him out of the penalty box he gestured over to the bench that they needed to send someone from the bench to the box. one of our guys yells "make sure you pick your shi$iest guy" then as the player got on the ice he yelled "yep thats him, good call guys". he turned to the bench and yelled something back but we were all laughing so hard it we didnt hear him. he was actually one of their better players so it wasnt like he was picking on someone who really did suck. to me this kind is funny.

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