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Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
Wasn't Gauthier the assistant GM?
Who else had more input, or opportunity to shape the GM's perspective of the worth of his assets.
Not a lot of people, but this says nothing. Maybe Gauthier was against Gainey decision most of the time. Good managers hire people who can challenge them and have different point of views - maybe that's what Gainey did by hiring Gauthier. We don't know. That's the entire point.

Also, shouldn't we fire Gauthier assistant instead? Since he's the one with the most input on Gauthier?it's typically based mostly on the recommendations of the assistant GM working with the head of talent/scouting.
GMs ultimately end up finalizing/approving the contracts, but you should know that
Again, that's all speculative theory. It could have happened this way, or couldn't, for each trade. We don't know. Gainey owns his decision. Gauthier owns his too. That's how it works.
Without knowing, sure we can't harp on particulars of motivations behind Deal A or Move B, but don't be foolish enough to submit that it's best to treat them as separately/individually operating members throughout the process.
Why not? Especially since they have clear differences in their style. Gauthier is (IMHO) a much better GM than Gainey, way more of a micro-manager. He's much better at fixing his team holes too. He's also quicker to react than Gainey. Gainey on the other hand had more presence, was the better leader, and managed to sign a top UFA in a time where nobody of importance wanted to have anything to do with us; something Gauthier would have had more trouble with in my opinion.

Btw, has anyone thought about the fact that Gauthier (nor Gainey) have ever been (since joining the habs) in the situation we are right now? In other words, we are sellers for the first time since god knows when. This is a completely different dynamic than trying to make a transaction in order to get the team better (which has been the goal of most moves in the last few years). That's why looking at Gauthier past transactions (and I'm not even talking about Gainey) isn't the best idea.

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