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Originally Posted by Habs Junkie View Post
Personally I think the players stopped playing for the fans. Because 80% of you are disgrace!
i bet thats the reason!! gAUTHIER needs to get on the horse and trade the fans -LOL maybe include gomez he is like a fan-- all talk

Originally Posted by habaneros View Post

This has to be it...

Never mind the fans who fork over 10-20 k a year ,. Just sit there and shut up ....



the fans if they were getting in for free or 5 bucks head, i agree, but there being asked to pay extortion in ticket prices to watch , so how can't you expect the fans to react ?

The only disgrace i seen was the gm letting his player take a beating nightly playing a dead hockey style...

It was all down hill ...they waited for support, never got any....

All the bodies were hitting the floor ,old gm claiming boys your heart's are big....

Couple that with a coach who played nj style down she goes , like your seeing now , damage done .

When the house is still on fire is not the time to be moving in your new furniture...
yes sir- thats a great post - nice to see some common sense

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