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01-20-2012, 02:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Dfence033 View Post
Wow. The reaction here is swift and punishing. You all make it sound like I'm advocating moving our first rounder for the guy. I said take a flyer on him, as in, trade a 6th-round pick, who's chances of even becoming a Bobby Sangs player as he currently is is extremely low, and see if he pans out. Using Brendan Bell as a reason for not thinking about Sangs is absolute insanity, by the way. Using a journeyman, 29 year old, AHL defenseman who's two best AHL seasons were 43 and 35 points as a reason to not pursue a 23 year old who has the same numbers in 3 AHL seasons that it took Bell 8 AHL years with 4 NHL years, a KHL year, and a Swiss league year thrown in to accomplish. Why? Because he has 100 games of NHL experience on such playoff teams as the Maple Leafs, Coyotes, and Senators?

I get it, no one here likes the guy, but NO ONE would even consider taking a chance on him at 23 years old for a 6th-round pick?
I'm not saying Brendan Bell is a reason to not take a flier on Bobby Sanguinetti. Not at all. You said we have no one in the system that's capable of providing Sanguinetti's offensive potential, even at the AHL level, and I provided you two examples of how that statement is patently untrue.

I'd much rather take a flier on a forward prospect in a similar situation, since a forward is an actual area of need. I get it, you think Sanguinetti is worth a shot...well, the majority of us do not. Is that really a surprise to you?


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