Thread: Eklund Rumor: More Nash to Toronto
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01-20-2012, 02:41 PM
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Nash Rumors

Everybody on this board hates Eklund, but EVERYBODY on this board still posts about him and what he is saying! I am not an expert enough to say whether he is full of crap or not, but he surely is effective as hell getting people to pay and hanging on every trade rumor! He is the internet version of Howard Stern! people who hate him and love him listen to him to see what he will say next. I really don't care who Eklund is, but I hope he reveals one day and its some big time NHL reporter or former GM or something like that who is really connected. Get off of it and either have fun with his rumors or don't post, last time i checked nobody on this board is in NHL front office positions to effect a move and legitimize a rumor. Its all for fun!

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