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Originally Posted by Dfence033 View Post
I actually just realized I was using Daddy's name for him. He isn't good enough defensively YET, but he hasn't adapted to NHL ice, either. His calling card has always been his defense, not his offense. The fact that he is producing offensive is just an added plus. Again, everyone keeps bringing up "giving up something of value." How much value does a 6th-round draft-choice really have? I'm not saying he is the #1 must-get target the Rangers should be after, but if you can make a subtle move like that (McD being a throw-in to Gomez deal-esque), you can set up quite a future for yourself, and if it can be more than once for minimal-to-no cost, you do it, that's all i was saying. If it's a negligible cost, would you want the Rangers to consider getting him back? Or is the fanbase still so sour on him for being drafted over another player that it'd just be worthless to them to try? Seems to be most lean towards the latter.
Honestly, I'd rather have that 6th rounder then Sangs, and I bet a lot of people would agree with me. I'm not really bitter at all that we "passed on him for Giroux," but the reality is, he has no value. He's 23, and he has barely progressed since turning pro. That 6th rounder, as little value as it has, is more useful to us then a d-man who has at best only been an okay AHL player.

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