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Originally Posted by KpopandHockey View Post
Whoa whoa, you are 20 dating a high schooler? You should be glad I'm not anything like that father you met. Because if my teenage daughter in highschool brought home a 20 year old I would be inclined to kick his ass...
Meh, it was just lost in translation a bit. "Finnish High school" is after 9 years of comprehensive school if you choose it. Or you can go to study a certain job area, like car mechanic or chef etc.. Simply put:

Grades (also 1 or 2 years of pre-school before this if parents choose, once a week) 1-6, aka. Ala-Aste = Lower-Grade

Grades 7-9, aka. Ylšaste = Upper-Grade

After comprehensive school, you continue to:

Grades 1-3 Upper secondary school (high school), Lukio in finnish

Grades 1-3 Vocational school, Ammattikoulu (Occupation school) in finnish, or usually known by their nickname Amis

She's 18 or 19, not really sure yet when her b-day is. I'm no pedo, I'll leave that to my Amis-buds.

edit: Totally forgot, of course after lukio people go to university etc. Amis people usually go to work right after school and brag how much more money they make than us.

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