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01-20-2012, 03:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Andy View Post
As I thought. The bandwagoner fans willing to jump at the sight of struggle.
i'm not a bandwagoner, i've been following the team since i was i came to canada over 20 years ago, but this year i dont care...why should i invest any emotion when they keep letting me down every game.

we have lives, friends, wives, families, chores and all these things are more appealing right now.

even in the dark years with rucinsky et al i was glued to the tv for every game, but after seeing the same mediocrity year in and year out i've just had enough

we're allowed to love this team but be sick and tired with what the organization has done to it.

i dont care about the team this year cause clearly the organization has let us down and the players have given up.

next year come july 1st i'll approach 2012-2013 hoping that it will be a better year and have the same enthusiasm i have every start of the year.

i'm just being realistic...i'm writting the season off
if PG is still there next year, i'll hate the orginization AGAIN but i love my team and hope they will play up to their level

its clear this year we're underperformin ALOT

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