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01-20-2012, 03:56 PM
Leafs out = SPRING!
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I play net with about 20 ex Jrs, euro-players, and a few beginner old guys. I give it out and have to take it but all in good fun. Every once in a while we get some hotdog out who doesn't pass and never sits down and lets anyone else on the Ice. The hotdog ends up getting an ear full and GOD FORBID I get crashed or some one goes whacking at my glove! I go berserk screaming and punching with the blocker on.

But all in all the trash talk is fun and motivating until it has to be a correction to bad behavior on the ice. Then it can turn into a two hander across the back of the calf. In mens league I have had to deal with a fight or two every other game. At shinny tones of chirping but all in good fun, or light correction.

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