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01-20-2012, 05:08 PM
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Originally Posted by hototogisu View Post
So what do you guys want? Keep Gauthier for now and let him make trades, or make no trades but fire Gauthier at the end of the year and let his successor start fresh (but lose out on all the assets we could gain by selling now)?

You can't have it both ways.
Uh... is there a door number 3 that I can choose? Please?

Question is, what GMs are out there right now? Is there somebody GOOD available that we'll want? If not, making a hasty change could be even worse. But we do have to make trades now so it's kind of a weird spot to be in.

If I'm Molson and there's nobody around to step in right away then I go to Gauthier and tie his hands. Tell him he is a seller. Don't let him make any more stupid short term trades and get whatever he can for the vets we have and get the highest picks and prospects he can. No more lateral moves, no more short term fixes...

Originally Posted by Kjell Dahlin View Post
Brunet is one of my favourite hockey writers but he is totally biased, negatively, regarding the work of Gauthier. If you agree with him when he mentioned that Gauthier should receive a large chunk of the blame for the Ribeiro/Niinimaa trade or the Gomez fiasco (brain dead moves by GAINEY), I guess you are also defending Réjean Houle regarding the Patrick Roy trade.

I mean... it is not like GMs have the final word eh?

Gauthier made some very solid moves during his 1 ½ year's tenure with Montreal:

The acquisition of Bournival, shipping out an overpriced, high octane pouting smurf for a 2nd round pick + Bourque + a prospect, offering a contract to White but not to Pyatt, sticking with Price instead of Halak, the acquisition of Eller and Schultz, convincing Emelin to cross the ocean, promising drafts (Beaulieu, Pribyl, Tinordi, Gallagher...), Cole's signature...

His downfall could be the Markov's signing though. GAWD our current NHL D squad is awful! Hamrlik Where Art Thou?
You can examine it on a trade by trade basis but that really only gives you a very narrow view of what's really going on here.

Look at them from a wholistic perspective. It is a series of short term fixes with no longterm plan. Moore, Wiz, Kaberle, Campoli, Bourque... just band-aids to stop the bleeding.

Where are the top picks and prospects that we should have been trading for? What is the direction of this team? We're no better off than we were three years ago and in fact are in even worse shape now because we've got a bunch of bad contracts that are going to hinder us in the future.

He's taken a bad situation and made it worse.

Originally Posted by MathMan View Post
I'm equally worried with the notion that trading Plekanec is a good idea because the Habs have too many centers and he's got the most value.

I'm really curious, and more than a little worried, about what happens next, but the Habs' few seller moves have generally been good to awesome (Rivet for Gorges + 1st!)
Trading Pleks IS a good idea because he does have the most value. But if we do it for a guy like Rene Bourque and a 2nd rounder then you're right... you should be worried.

The point is to get something good for the future. If we're not doing that then there's absolutely no point in doing this.
Originally Posted by Goldthorpe View Post
It's crazy how much crap is said and repeated, and suddenly is becomes fact. Absolutely nobody knows the input Gauthier had when Gainey was the GM, and criticising the moves of the latter on the former is simply bad faith.

You guys are doing the exam same mistake with Gauthier that you did with JM: you are bashing the guy continuously, without an once of rationality, and it's only when he'll be gone that you'll suddenly realize the situation wasn't as black and white as you made yourself believe.
I never called for JM's head. I wasn't a fan of his from the day he got here but I never really believed he was the real problem. Firing him wasn't a solution and at best would've provided a short term spark to help us improve in the short term... and of course that never happened and we made things even worse with PG bumbling that whole mess.

As for Gauthier... totally different situation. He's actively hurting the team with his short term panic moves. Folks have been calling for his head for a while now but even after the coaching debacle I refrained from doing so. The Cammaleri trade though was the last straw. That was enough to convince me that this guy has no vision for the team. It's a series of short term moves and even in the face of us missing the playoffs he goes out and wastes one of our best assets on a sideways move.

He can gtfo now, he's done enough.

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