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Originally Posted by AintLifeGrand View Post
Just registered for Roller Hockey. Havent played competitive Ice or Roller since I was a sr in HS- I am 24 now.

League starts next week- any tips on how to develop the muscle memory of stickhandling?

When i played back in HS i had a fraction of the hockey IQ I have now.

Can someone elaborate on what I should focus on as a forward in Roller vs that in Ice? Is two way play more important because of the extra space and faster pace?

What else should i keep in mind?

Don't worry, I took 10 years off from age 18 to 28.

It'll come back to you but you'll most likely feel rusty/off/etc. I sure did. Back in my teens I would get the puck and almost no one could stop or catch me. I went from a scrawny kid to a weight lifter who didn't skate at all; at 70lbs. heavier it was not exactly the ideal situation for starting up again! But despite the lack of crazy speed, my game has changed a bit that makes me, IMO, more valuable. My two-way play is definitely better, as is my physicality. At least the size comes in handy for that. But I play against kids in their late teens and college kids who have been playing all their life, I'm not exactly looking to score the most points or be the fastest anymore. What I do want to do is beat them, and my team hasn't gone home w/o a championship in 5 straight seasons. I've led us in scoring once and have been in the top 3 all other times but once. We're currently 3 games into the latest season and I'm leading again. I'm definitely not our best player but smarts help make up for that a lot. Don't be a one trick pony or you'll end up shut down and frustrated, unable to do anything about it.

Point being, you might not find things exactly as they used to be and if that's the case just use your smarts to exploit your strong points. Also work on your weak points as well, as that is the key to becoming better (duh).

Depending on how your team is built, playing at both ends might not be as important as if it were built another way, but as long as you aren't leaving options open at the point by coming back too far I doubt you're going to harm anything by doing so. If it's just a bunch of guys running around and the D has no idea what they're doing, it'll probably be more beneficial to be a tough two-way player as opposed to having 2 brick walls back there who only let up a handful of shots per period.

Take it as it comes, and adapt accordingly. Last thing I can suggest is practice stickhandling as often as you can so you get 'the feeling' back. I did that on and off throughout my days and while I never did get to be as lightning fast as I used to be, it did help me get used to it all over again and then some. Then again I only did basic drills and didn't bust my ass to re-discover my hands like I probably should have. At the time I was more focused on getting my legs back, FWIW.

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