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Originally Posted by Mafoofoo View Post
Man you've dated some girls who are cold as ice.
My first major relationship was just after high school. She hung around my house for weeks, kept wanting to go swimming (we had a pool) apparently so she could put a swimsuit on around me. Problem was she was dating my best friend at the time.

Eventually she goes "Are you ever going to ask me out?" and I said "No, your dating my best friend, your awesome, but I wouldn't do that to a friend".

Come to find out eventually that a business plan I had come up with my friend had stolen, had all my friends sign NDA's so I wouldn't know, and was trying to sell the idea to Diamond Multimedia. I found out because I started telling her about it, and shes like "uhm...". Suffice to say, I was PISSED, and so was she (she was trying to break up with him at the time anyway).

I called up my 'friend' right on the spot, confronted him about the situation to which he just stammered. Then I told him "I don't care, your too big an idiot to make that work anyway so they'll just steal it from you (which they did btw), and you'll be down a friend with nothing to show for it. Oh, and a girlfriend, because she's with me now too" And she actually grabbed the phone and told him to go to hell. It was glorious.

Anyway, we were together for about 2 months I think, was going great, but she had to move for college. I was finishing up school and planned to follow her (San Diego) two months later. We spent about a month talking on the phone literally like 4 hours+ a day (and these were R rated conversations often). So obviously I'm pretty hyped to see her again. I talk to her the day before the flight out, she acts totally normal, can't wait for me to get there, etc.

I get there, and WHAM, she's cold as ice. I ask her what's wrong, she says nothing. Obviously something is, but I try to drop it. Next she doesn't want me sleeping at her place (dorm) so I have to get a hotel spur of the moment... ooook. She'll make out with me, but nothing more (we had already done more prior to her leaving). So I'm highly, highly confused at this point, and absolutely freaking out. She keeps insisting nothing is wrong the whole weekend, I'm literally going a little insane because I don't know what is going on so at this point I'm kind of acting pretty bizarre cause I don't know how to handle it.

I get home, she calls me a few days later and dumps me, for no particular reason she can give me. She says she didn't want to tell me over the weekend because she had some important tests at school and stuff. I go "I have my COLLEGE FINALS TOMORROW!" and shes like "oh i forgot, sorry".

I still to this day have no freaking clue what went on there. Messed me up big time for quite awhile. I met my wife soon after though, and she also asked me out and I accidentally accepted (I didn't realize she was asking me out) and decided to go anyway so as not to hurt her feelings. Glad I did.

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