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01-20-2012, 06:20 PM
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Originally Posted by hockeyball View Post
That ex i was talking about was a total geek (and really hot to boot, a rarity) like me and that didn't work out obviously.
Man hot geeks are rare but most of them are also crazy and do the nuttiest things. My ex had this love for anime. Which was whatever but I dunno what happened and she got more and more obsessed with it to the point where she'd be skipping out on classes to go to conventions where all people do is play dress up as anime characters and stuff, then out of nowhere randomly bought a dog (even though she was in an apartment which didn't allow pets and she didn't really have the extra money or time to take care of it well enough), never got her license, etc etc. In the end she broke up with me on my birthday because I guess she fell in love with some guy she met at the dress up convention and felt texting me was the best way to do it. Oh and to go be with the guy she dropped out of college and moved to LA.

Looking back I'm glad that I most likely dodged a bullet. All of my friends who knew her agree lol. Especially since she tried to get back in contact because I guess dropping out of college and moving on impulse far away isn't the best of ideas.

And then I think I've told you guys about my friend who's now ex stabbed him in the thigh with a knife because she saw him kiss some other girl on the cheek and give her a hug. In case you're wondering, that girl was his older sister who had just returned from studying abroad in spain.

Hot geeks be cuh-ray-zay.

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