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Originally Posted by The Nemesis View Post
Alright EB Games, you can go to hell...

I want to get a game (Dragon Quest V, an older DS game) and it's only available used from a store that's like 2 hours away from me. But I was in the local store this morning and asked about whether or not they would send a game from one location to another and the woman said "yeah, no problem. Just phone the other store and ask them to send it out here."

So I phone the other store and ask about sending the game out and the clerk there says that they won't send anything out unless it's a certain value on the order, which I was apparently "far" below. By the time I asked about them sending stuff out, I had like $60 on the order, which isn't even unreasonable for a new console game.

so what the hell, EB? You expect people to buy like $100+ of merch before you'll send between stores? Meanwhile when I went to a music/movies store in the mall last year, they sent stuff from one store to another across the freaking country even on a minimal order of like $20-$30.

That is a dick move on their part. They should have you pay the ~$1 shipping from one location to another, and the normal price for the game. Horrible business model by EB games.

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