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Originally Posted by Buddy The Elf View Post
Ok, ignore points then. Lets measure Penner's performance based on his play. He has played like **** for the most part. Being an offensive player, production is an important metric and his pay will reflect that come July. Production isn't all that matters but there have been plenty of big stretches where Penner has played particularly bad. Kopitar et al aren't playing nearly as bad with or without points being involved in the equation but I agree, Doughty hasn't lived up to his paycheck either. Like I said before, plenty of players are underachieving on the team. It is my opinion that Penner is leading that charge.

i agree with you elf but you cant deny the fact that penner has been playing "BETTER" hockey than before. I guess what a few of us on this board is trying to summarize is that regardless of his production, he is a talented individual that has changed since Sutter stepped in. He's getting more opportunities but is still having problems potting into the net. But one thing for sure, he has been trying and i personally think if you have been watching the season since day 1, most of you guys will agree that Penner is playing "better" hockey than before.

As for underachievers, you're right everyone is underachieving. The only players that should be rewarded are: Scuds, Mitchell, and Quick. I might have left out some other players but when it comes to consistency and the mentality of winning: scuds, mitchell, and quick are the first three players on the list. And we can all agree that MItchell and Scuds are very underrated players and a lot of us tend to overlook that because we are all so focused on scoring goals.

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