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Originally Posted by The Nemesis View Post gouges the **** out of me on shipping costs to get it across the border. I once ordered a Godzilla movie from there once and had to pay like $20 shipping because the free shipping isn't cross-border and they used some stupid international shipping scheme that was like $12-15 base for the order, then $5-8 per item in the order (including the first one)

and is selling the game through a 3rd party vendor (not the marketplace) for the low, low price of $48. I might as well just make the damn trip out to Richmond to get the game from that EB. Strange that for a game which should by all rights be everywhere based on printing run, this one in Richmond is the only one in the province.
Find one in Reno and I'll go get it and ship it to you. Seriously, I do that for a friend in France all the time.

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