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01-20-2012, 08:00 PM
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Anyone ever heard of those "Skylanders" things? It's some sort of toy/video game hybrid thing. I went out today originally to try and get a couple for my cousin's kid's birthday (the EB stuff was a personal sidebar since I was already at the mall).

Good lord, it's like trying to get a furby or tickle me elmo. Went to Toys r Us and they had the shipping boxes out on the floor in the video game section and people were tearing through them themselves because the staff was putting them on the shelves too slow for their taste. I had to fight my way into the crowd just to see if they maybe had what I was supposed to be looking for, and I went to 4 different stores in the mall to find one specific toy to no avail.

People are ****ing crazy. It wasn't this bad when I got my Wii, and I thought that was nuts at the time.


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