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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Oh ABSOLUTELY. I keep saying that Gauthier created that mess and circus. It's just that for some people and actually the way Spacek spoke about it, the real circus was all about the Cunneyworth don't speak french thing. Which they all beleive was solely created by the medias. This is what I'm talking about. But don't get me wrong. Gauthier has a whole lot of responsabilities into this. I keep saying that for a long time now.
Fair enough. I think a lot of his actions were unprofessional. Not telling players where they were traded to and all that. I even understand taking cammalleri out mid game...sorta. I mean, if you weren't in 'playoff contention' as he says we are, it doesnt matter...but if we're in a situation where we need to win and its a close cant trade a guy mid game then say next day "we want to make playoffs". It's ********. I don't think we'll make playoffs or whatever, but I just mean...c'mon, it's a lot of crap on his part and he's making situation worse.

Originally Posted by ECWHSWI View Post
Agreed, and if there's one thing we've learned from this language stuff it's that Gauthier and co clearly didnt do their homework..

I mean, you know you're going to fire your french speaking coach, you know you're going to replace him with an anglo coach, and you're supposed to know the market your team plays in... and it's improvisation all the way ? not even 5 minutes spent on PR or something ? THIS is part of the circus, not the fact than Connie doesnt speak french...
Well, you can't really blame them 100%. Cunneyworth was new to the team and didnt really have a chance to learn much french despite being the next in line. We've agreed in the past so we'll keep it sort. It's not particularly necessary to have a french speaking coach, but having a guy who can speak basic french, the bonjour, merci and so on would be much appreciated by the population. I think they threw Cunneyworth in the fire there and it was a rough situation. Granted, he has been given a chance to perform and show his knowledge as a head coach in the NHL so he's happy but I think a little back up for Cunneyworth or a little bit of a press conference addressing the situation asap would've aided all this earlier. If they gave cunneyworth a chance to say bonjour, merci and his one liners asap, I think the storm would've been much less dramatic. Sure, i'm assuming here, but I think there's a lot of poor PR work here. As much as I disagree with entire situation, they did not do their homework and they should've addressed situation as soon as possible and as professionally as possible.

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