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01-20-2012, 10:20 PM
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Originally Posted by habfaninvictoria View Post
You seem like an intelligent guy, but, with all due respect, it's attitudes like yours that fuel the fire. I lived in Montreal for 10 years, and do, in fact understand how it works in Quebec. I lived in Montreal during the height of the battle of quebec. I lived through the incredible comeback series against the Nordiques in 93. I know first hand the passion of the rivalry. Yes we will be incessantly bashed by Nordique fans, many of whom would rather eat cockroaches than cheer for the habs and as a result cheer for Boston or Toronto. In fact I believe many of these Nord fans revel in the circus they are freely able to create surrounding the habs. The resentment and contempt they (nordique Fans) held for the Canadiens seems all to familiar in the incessant attacks on all things regarding our team.

This however is not as much about the fans as the media that purport to represent those fans. If you think for one second that RDS won't focus a large part of their resource to covering the Nords you are wrong. Given a choice between embracing a QC team that can be built and marketed as francophone and the habs who are clearly vilified as being too anglo-centric its a no brainer. The rivalry will be great for both teams.

It makes absolutely no sense to disqualify over 80 per cent of qualified applicants for a job simply because they don't speak french. Management indeed caused the circus, but it was well under way before RC was ever made coach. I find it incredibly insulting as a fan of the team that my opinion doesn't matter because I'm not french, so I couldn't possibly understand the miopic, insular, insecure anglophobe minority that claim to be a fan of the team. If quebecors need a team to be francophone to justify their phobia and ego then let it be the Nordique, not MY HABS.

MY HABS were coached and managed by anglophones long before I was born and were very successful. We had the advantage that Richard and Beliveau would never be able to play for any other team, nor would they dream it. Bourque, Lemieux, Giroulx, Lecavalier, St. Louis never had a chance to play for us, and probably not at desire... who needs the grief.

Spacek has absolutely nothing to do with the 2 solitudes. Most of the team doesn't. I had a french friend today tell me that Serge Savard was the best GM ever of the habs.... by what measuring stick... the fact that he was the first Franco GM of the modern era.... how bout the fact that he single handedly dismantled the captaincy of the team by trading 5 captains. The captain of the team used have a routine for warmup that had been passed down from captain to captain... this disappeared... ya he was a great GM alright. He certainly ushered in the modern era. Chelios for Savard... priority immediately evident and we've not been the same since.

We need the right people, you are correct... unfortunately the right people aren't always french.
Both you and WS make a lot of great points and I actually find myself agreeing with both of you.

In this particular case however, I don't see why we didn't just hire a bilingual coach. We brought in an interim guy anyway and the club is struggling. It's basically a lost season. There's really not much else to talk about in regards to the team so why light this match?

As I said before, if we were a contending team and there was a coach out there that we just HAD to have like Ken Hitchcock... sure, go ahead and hire him. I highly doubt you're going to see much of a reaction there. But that wasn't the case. We had a crappy team playing under expectations and we fire a francophone coach for an anglo rookie. That's just a recipe for disaster.

The french media circus I agree was ridiculous. Should it be that way? I don't know. I get the sentiment, the customers are French and the club should at least try to get somebody who speaks there language. But this (in my opinion anyway) was way overblown.

Unfortunately though, PG is not Bob Gainey. Gainey (for all his flaws as GM) held the respect of everyone. He would've handled this much better than PG has. PG's lack of planning and subsequent very weak response was an embarassment and this entire situation won't help us attract FAs in the future. I can see both sides. What I will say though is that there's a time and a place to make a move like this and this was not one of those times.

The team should've known this and should've been better prepared for it. And that's something I think we ALL can agree on.

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