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Originally Posted by habfaninvictoria View Post
We need the right people, you are correct... unfortunately the right people aren't always french.
I know. Everytime we bring a french name, it's always about the fact that we're certainly bringing a french guy solely cause of the language he speaks. And then, for everybody who keeps bringing the the right people isn't certainly french, I keep waiting for those anglo coaches we miss and that would be so much better than what we have now. And my attitude is not a problem. Especially if you are aware that my #1 candidate for the GM job is....Jim Benning. So let's be careful before trying to target somebody into something he's not. Yet, the coaching job is a totaly different ballgame.

Let's play a game. We fire Martin....and this happen the day a guy named Ken Hitchcock is available. I can tell you that most people want NOTHING to do with him. I could call him best man available all you want, they'd laugh at me and tell me how the heck he is the best man. Well St-Louis NOW can tell you why. But would it had be the same thing with the guys we have now? What does Hitchcock have more than Martin anyway? And remember this. EVERY team has its share of professionnals. From some people opinion around here, every of those professionnals are way more intelligent than most of the armchair scouts, GM's and coaches that are posting on this board. Well, for every of those professionnals that hired a GM or a coach, each and every man WERE, for them, the best man available. Well guess what? It didn't change the fact that some were fired this year. Will be fired next year and the year after without accomplishing anything. Claude Julien went from 1 goal to be fired to winning a Stanley Cup and maybe on the verge of winning another one. There is nothing like the best man available unless your name could be Mike Babcock or Dan Bylsma. To a certain extent you could debate Barry Trotz and Lindy Ruff, though even for Ruff, now that Buffalo is seen as a player, he is not exactly succeeding. Which for me means that the best man available, becomes the best man available FOR A MARKET LIKE MONTREAL. And frankly, in the past, with that extra thing to consider as far as speaking french, you had guys who had some success elsewhere in the league. While others might not have worked as good. Just their fault? Or a bad timing due to poor teams? Probably a bit of both but then.....just like all these other teams who don't have the same franco debate but have their own share of hits and misses. And again it is a false debate. Just like for the players, NOBODY wants Jean Perron instead of Mike Babcock jsut because Perron speaks the language. But it will never be about that anyway. Is Randy Carlisle that clear of a best man available? Is it really the kinda of team that suits him? There are other bad coaches in this league right come he doesn't have a job yet?

And yes, from Dick Irvin to Toe Blake, coaches were once anglos. Which are totally different eras though. And yet, even in some eras, you had tons of french guys on the ice to compensate for it. Now, for the first time ever, this organization eradicates almost every franco players on the ice and the coach behind the bench. It is a first. This team is more than just a hockey team. It's an institution. An institution that made his name by being the greatest AND by having a lot of locals participating in it. Which is incredible is that we made a big fuss at remembering what was during our 100th then forget it 3 years after. And people expect it to just let it slide ON TOP of being an average team?

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