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01-20-2012, 10:57 PM
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Originally Posted by larek View Post
I did not like Martin wanted him gone but not this way- with cunny being brought in
i was thinking more a whole regime change at the end of the season any other way especially the way it went was rather useless- although i will say if martin still would have been coach i dont think you would have heard Gauthier say this team needs to get bigger- if martin ever became the Gm - LOL this team would all be Tom Thumbs!!
You know... at the end of the day, coaching was the least of our problems. Too bad we had to turn it into a big fiasco.

But I guess the positive is that we now suddenly realize that size does matter right?
Originally Posted by E = CH² View Post
You and me have been saying this for a while.
Yup, you're one of the few guys on this forum who doesn't hate my posts.
Originally Posted by E = CH² View Post
Problem is we have a GM that is interested in saving his own ass, and an owner without a clue so expect terrible things.
I know... PG is in panic mode. I guess the good news is that there's nothing more he can do so that should minimize the damage.

As for the owner... I haven't got a read on him yet. I suppose I can't blame him for letting his GM run with it. From that perspective it's a good thing that he's not a meddler if that was in fact the case.

He needs to fire PG though. If not before the end of the season then surely right after. At this point I have zero confidence that he can do the job. Time will tell I guess.
Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Totally agree on all accouts as far as Brunet articles. I'm extremely nervous as well. Having said all of that, we have no choice. You just can't hire a guy now. Obviously makes no sense. So let's make the decisions we have to make (Gill, Moen, Kosty) and hope for the best. Lack of movement and to lose all those guys for nothing Gainey style...that's just not good enough either.
Like I said above, if Molson is going to keep PG until the end of the year that's fine. But tie his hands. Force him to be a seller and get the best prospects he can. Don't let him do anymore silly short term moves designed to get us into 8th for next year. Give him a directive and make sure that directive is clear.
Originally Posted by Erik Estrada View Post
I'll be curious at the next press conference. The goose is cooked. The media can now bring clear numbers to prove the Habs have zero chance to make the playoffs (even if there's no statistical elimination):

a-Habs need to have more points than the other 29 teams for the rest of the way.and
b-For the same time period, Habs needs a better win/loss/OT ratio than the best team NHL was able to accomplish this season.

What's Gauthier gonna answer? We're still trying to make the playoffs?

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