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Originally Posted by Sensfanman View Post
Hey all,

I'm looking to upgrade my skates as the blades need replacing anyway and they are old skates anyway. Which do you all think are good value skates. Nearby stores are Pro Hockey Life, National Sports, Sports Check, Corbett's Sports. I play rec hockey once or twice a week, nothing heavy. My price point is sub 120 but I'd go as high as 150 for a super good deal.

Thanks in advance!
What size do you wear? If you wear 9's you're in luck. If you're willing to spend $250 you could get top of the line EQ5's. These skates were nearly $700 at one point but are on clearance for $250 at Sport Chek. They might have different sizes in store. If you're willing to spend that much that is. But remember, you're getting some of the best skates that some NHLers use and they'll last you many, many years. (I know Asham uses them).

If you're looking for something cheaper, Sport Chek is having a clearance on hockey skates at 40%-60%.

Easton EQ4 - $170
CCM U+ 07 - $120
Bauer Vapor X2.0 - $120

Apart from that, also consider looking at Vapor X:30's

In the end it's what you like best. But if you find you like the Bauer Vapor line, it's a good safe choice because they're great skates no matter what. Then it's a matter of finding one for your price range, whether it's the X20's, 30's, 40's, or even the treasured 60's.

But I still recommend taking a look at the EQ5's. I mean for that price they're an absolute steal and they'll last you virtually forever. Hopefully you can find a pair. I just started skating for the first time and I used those. People told me your feet are supposed to hurt but I only felt a slight discomfort, they're so comfortable, light, and durable. I know I'll be able to do a lot of stuff in them I just have to get good first.

PS. I know you think you shouldn't be taking equipment advice from someone who's a beginner, but I've done my due diligence. For the past two months I've done nothing but read and watch reviews and research products to understand as much as possible. So while I'm no expert, I'm not a total ignoramus either.

Good luck! (You filthy Sens fan Leafs Rule!)

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