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Originally Posted by Schooner Guy View Post
I noticed you totally avoided the crux of my post as well as the pivotal questions. What more could Martin have done with this team in terms of results? Isn't that what a head coach should be judged by? He got a sub-mediocre team to overachieve during his entire tenure with the Habs.

By the way, his team was not playing a dump and chase game. The Habs were playing a very conservative but also a very structured defensive game in all three zones with quick transition and strong puck support. It was a system that gave this roster its best chance to win on a nightly basis. We're not going to win many games by opening it up. Not many teams can win that way in this era and certainly not us.
Martin could/should have earned the respect of ALL of his players. This leads into a philosophical discussion about the impact that a coach has on his players. Either you believe in that intangible of a coach or not.

In essence, it was clear to everyone........players, fans, analysts......that Martin had a distinct hierarchy with his players that was not conductive to success. Players like Gomez, Gill, Cammalleri, Darche etc could make numerous errors in a game and not be penalized for those errors. Players like Eller, Kostitsyn, Emelin were not given any room for error and were punished swiftly.

It does not take a rocket scientist to understand that the players on Martin's "safe list" soon came to realize that regardless of what they did, they would not be punished so their compete level diminished. And conversely, the players who were not on that list soon came to the realization that they had to play a perfect game and thus the additional pressure in the quest for perfection led to more mistakes.

It was a lose lose. So to answer your question, Martin should have held ALL of his players to the same standard of performance. That hurt his results.

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