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Originally Posted by AIREAYE View Post
Your feet are NOT supposed to hurt, they're supposed to fit the boot. Spot pain on occasion does happen but shouldn't be expected or be a constant. Skates (and helmets, but that's another issue) are the most important piece of gear you'll have to own. You NEED NEED NEED (get the point) to find the best fitting skate for you. Forget everything you think you know about different brands and get the skate in your budget range that fits the best.

To answer your question, the best 'value' will be whichever skate fits your foot bests and lasts the longest. Generally the pricier you go the more durable it should be (like Aftcomet said) but fit is the most important. There is no value in buying an $850 skate or $60 skate if they don't fit and you're in pain when playing.

Go try on a few different pairs, let your fitter recommend some based on your foot shape and go from there.
Really? I was told your feet will hurt until you break in your skates a little.

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