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Originally Posted by ElHefe View Post
What kind of player is Atte Mäkinen(95)?

He seems very tall and heavy and when i look at his stats, he seems more like a defensive defenseman. Does he skate well for his size, what about the game-reading? What is his potential?
Atte Mäkinen is a composed defenseman who’s able to play big minutes quite reliably. He’s clearly focusing on the defensive side of the game and you could say that he’s more of a stay-at-home defenseman. He’s not very active offensively, but I think he has potential to improve in that aspect. He’s getting some PP time in Jr.A and I’ve seen him take initiative a few times by rushing the puck up the ice or by taking a chance at the point. With improved conditioning and added experience/confidence you could see him contributing more offensively next season. He’s not overly aggressive and you probably won’t see him going for a bone crushing hit, but he knows how to take his man to the boards and separate him from the puck. He’s not a bad skater considering his size and age (actually fairly good), but he might still get caught on the open ice by a fast advancing opponent. I’m sure they are working on it and he should be fine once he adds some agility, explosiveness to his lower body. I like Mäkinen, but at this point it’s hard to say whether he has potential to develop into a player like Ville Mäntymää (another Tappara product with a similar frame) or something better. Next season should tell more.

Originally Posted by Needles View Post
I don't understand why Teräväinen didn't make ISS's recent top50 list. He's been so good recently that Jokerit don't have to buy more forwards for the playoffs. Maybe all the scouts were at the WJC...
Craig Button has had Teräväinen as a mid 1st rounder the whole time and Red Line Report has him as a late 1st, so don’t put too much value on just the ISS list. The rankings are all different and none of them are “perfect”.

Originally Posted by YARR123 View Post
If Teräväinen keeps this up he's bound to end up on every top-50 list there is. Btw is it just me or does he look like he's taller than 5'11?
He might still be growing, but I don’t think he’s taller than 5’11’’ at the moment.

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