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Originally Posted by swinginutter
Points well taken. But the rules you're mentioning above need to be applied to all. Frolov hasn't scored in fifteen games........Is he getting demoted? Same goes for Brownie. You can come back with the cliche of "they bring more to the table" than just scoring........and then I can ask you what are they paid to do? Cammy is a scorer...plain and simple. I hope that he's learned in the past couple of years how to round out his whole game.
Corvo scores goals and he gets rewarded with more time, and moves up on PP units. Does Cammy deserve the same at this time?
For one, I don't think they need to be applied to all. Players are, and should be, treated differently. Do you remember Ftorek applying the "don't show emotion after f'ing up" rule to Gretzky and benching him after he broke his stick over the crossbar? Do you think Ftorek was right to do that? I don't. Would you expect Norstrom to be benched if he f'd up a few games like Dempsey has? Should Visnovsky have exactly the same length of leash as Corvo?

The coach's job is to motivate his players and there's no one-size-fits-all method or rule for that. AM will motivate Gleason differently than Weaver...and Demitra differently than Army...and Frolov differently than Cammy...and that's the way it SHOULD be.

As for your question, Frolov is more proven than Cammy and he gets a longer leash. Brown HAS been demoted and although he is still reasonably effective on the 3rd and 4th lines, I wouldn't be surprised to see him take a trip to Manchester if he doesn't show improvement. But even if he doesn't, it's different for him because he's younger and he's a power forward and they simply take longer to become effective in the NHL. The best comparison I have is Scott Hartnell...IMO, it would have done him little good to get sent down when he was Brown's age. He (and Brown) are best served playing in the NHL. Why? Because they have little left to learn in the minors. The difference is that Cammy had ALOT to learn by being sent down...particularly that he needed to play AM's style (which Brown already does). IF Cammy has REALLY learned that, then he shouldn't ever see Manchester again (which he probably wouldn't anyway since someone would claim him off waivers). But I suspect he's going to move up and down from the 1st line to the 4th line and play lots of center AND wing this season and probably next season much like Briere did. It sure worked for him.

Doing it the right way? I'm sorry how many right ways can you score. I don't care if you head it in or kick a pass to somebody. Scoring is scoring no matter how you look at it. This game that we all love is simply not just X's and O's. Maybe he wasn't doing it AM's way and thats all. I mean have you ever seen Brady Murray play the game? What's the difference?
As you said...I don't mean to offend anyone...but that is pure fantasy sports talk. If you've seen Stillman and Whitney play you know EXACTLY what the answer to your question is. With all his scoring, Cammy is a -3 on a team that has FOUR minus players who have played 20 or more games and is the ONLY minus player in the top 10 Kings scorers.

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