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11-08-2003, 05:04 AM
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Originally Posted by bigd
You can't compare Canadian University Hockey with a top D1 College hockey program in the states. I'm not knocking Major Junior Hockey but for every kid in Major Junior that goes back to school there are 100 that don't. Look at Jessie Lang, I bet he wishes he was still at Harvard right now!

Do you have any proof of your 100:1 ratio bigd? I doubt it because again you are DEAD WRONG. As I said NINETY FIVE PERCENT of all current OHL players are going to school. The majority of those who do not go on to the pro ranks go to school after their OHL careers are over!

Its not Lang but Lane and he left Harvard because he said college hockey sucked. His parents are millionaires and he can go back to school whenever he likes!

As for the CIS vs NCAA, the CIS is improving and the top CIS teams can compete with their NCAA counterparts.

I am not knocking the NCAA (though I do believe that the NTDP should be disbanded) but if you are an elite level prospect with a great chance of making it to the pros, why would you want to take the NCAA route? Just look at all the NCAA players playing in the NHL today. Most of them never graduated because they ended up leaving early. So what was the point of them choosing that route in the first place? It certainly wasn't to earn a degree now was it?

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