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Originally Posted by Mafoofoo View Post
I never knew coral was so intense. Now I know.
I'll get you some pics of my new tanks soon Mafoofoo. I built this elaborate multi-story dual tank system recently. Two one-hundred gallon tanks plumbed together to a cabinet downstairs in my garage where all the equipment is housed. It's been running now for a few months, but I haven't started populating them yet, just the fish I had previously in my old 75. All my coral died during two moves, i have one small rock with some pollups on it now. Plan is to turn one into a full reef and the other for non-reef safe stuff.

I actually have a build thread if your interested.

The tanks are 100% operational now, we just need to finish the aesthetics. We are putting a door between them to close in our office, and walling them in so they will appear to be in wall tanks.

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