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Originally Posted by FiLe View Post
Strange logic. There's never been nothing wrong with either Koivu's motivation, no matter who else has been on the team. Besides, both are natural centres to a boot. While it's evident that in the modern hockey the shoehorned centre/winger divide isn't as clear-cut as it used to be, I'd still say neither of these will revert to wing unless it's an emergency.

I think Shedden offered the Koivu Bros a chance to play in the same unit back in 2008. Both said "thanks, but no thanks".

Armia certainly has all the raw talent he needs to be a superstar, but not the refinement yet, especially to execute the game plan of someone like Jalonen. Don't get me wrong, I like his heatleylike demeanor, but he still sort of lacks vision. I'd rather see what someone like Pulkkinen could do under a proper coach (in NT, I mean).

Bwuh? This season: mediocre stats in a mediocre team. Though again, he's one of the guys I do like and think he might perform quite well especially when compared to those usual lower-tier names Jalonen seems to have a hard-on for, but making statements like these require a LOT of elaboration to buy people over.
I strongly feel Armia>Pulkkinen when we are thinking about men's team. Honestly I think both would be rather invisible, but Armia would be better choise as he's little bit better defensively and Pulkkinen just wont have a top-6 forward spot for this team. I don't want to see our own end leaking. I was also very disappointed on Pulkkinen in U-20. He couldn't be effective vs big countries when we most needed it. If one can't be effective with Granlund then there's a problem and it's hard for me to believe the problem would be Granlund based on what I've seen from him and what kind of consistency. Yea Jalonen needs to give Pulkkinen more EHT games, but maybe Raipe didn't want to let him go earlier this season.

About Karalahti. Ok I might have overhyped him a bit. He maybe shouldn't be in #1 defensive pair in both of my lineps, but there's no way you can leave him out of either the allstar Finland or the realistic team. I see him as same type as Väänänen, but slightly better right now. Also don't forget what kind of leadership he brings to the team.

About Koivu brothers together. You might be right about them not wanting to play on wing, but i'm still surprised if it's really true that they don't want to play together and I do feel they'd find some magic Sedin type chemistry if they did play together. So if that's really the case that they don't want to play together then that changes a lot in my team Finland Allstars offensive lineups. Also i'd never put Saku in the wing. Too small.


Bonus forwards: Petrell, Pihlström, Leino

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